Our menu is subject to change depending on availability of ingredients.



WHISKEY BREAD   with cultured butter  $5


CHILLED POTATO SOUP   smoked mussel, green olive and vermouth  $14

FLUKE    cucumber, green almond and horseradish  $16

CHICKEN LIVER   asparagus, golden raisin and toast  $15

LAMB’S TONGUE  feta, pole beans and fava leaves  $16

SUMMER LETTUCE   goats cheese, purslane and puffed seeds   $14

SUNFLOWER   cocoa nib, charred onion and artichoke  $14


PECAN   mushroom, bok choy and burdock  $23

SCALLOPS   apricot, basil, almond and jamon  $29

PIKE   radishes, snap peas and yogurt  $26

CHICKEN   chinese black bean, green garlic and turnip   $26

DUCK   golden beets, dandelion and sprouted wheat  $30

BEEF   eggplant, miso and squash   $33

Tasting Menu, Chef’s Selection  $85

with wine pairing  $120

If you are interested in a tasting menu, we kindly ask that all guests at the table participate.



     BLUEBERRY  oatmeal, basil and currants

HAZELNUT   fennel and chocolate

CARROT    caramel, cardamom, milk and honey

GRAPEFRUIT    white sesame and black tea

We are committed to sourcing the finest local and sustainable ingredients possible.